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Rejuvenate your timepiece to look brand new with our factory finish polishing service

Bring your watch back to life

Restore your new or classic watch to its full glory with our polishing service, independent of any service or other work.

We are one of few accredited service centre's in the UK who offer a full refurbishment and polish of your Rolex and other leading brand watches, without having to perform a full service or any other work.

With our state of the art machinery and expertise we can revive the appearance of your valued timepiece no matter how worn and used. If you have accidentally scratched or damaged your new watch we can restore its ‘just bought’ look.

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How we polish your modern or classic watch

Here at SHWR we have vast knowledge and all necessary equipment to polish watches professionally and remove all scratches including deep cuts to bring the look of your watch to the showroom finish you desire.

We completely disassemble the case and bracelet and restore the timepiece, removing all scratches, dents and blemishes, leaving the case and bracelet with the best possible finish.

Deep scratches will not be removed by just polishing them. Using our state-of-the-art laser soldering machine, we can melt the necessary material and rebuild these blemishes whether your scratched item is made of gold, silver, platinum or stainless steel. Whilst filling these cuts, we are able to focus on the actual scratch using a microscope and then melt the scratch by laser welding which burs out any impurities and prepares the scratch for filling.

We are then able to add the exact metal for your timepiece. The end result fills the scratch with a seamless finish and your watch does not lose its purity. Following this, we will smoothen the surface and then professionally polish your case and bracelet so that your watch has the same finish throughout. The scratch or dent which bothered you so much will no longer be visible! We can also effectively deal with porosity by melting the affected areas and filling the voids with the same metal. This process involves exactly the same method as the scratch removal process which has been explained above. Here some examples before and after a polish.


Watch polishing starts from as little as £60, with full servicing if required from £260. Estimates are free, except for watches over 30 years old, where there is a fee of £90, fully redeemable when you go ahead with work. This allows us to examine your watch in detail and provide an accurate quote for its repair and the provision of any new parts required.

Watches will be returned by post. The cost of £24 for return postage, packing and insurance will be added to your quote and is payable whether you go ahead with work or not. Alternatively, you can collect your watch from either our London Showroom or Watford workshop, by arrangement.

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What our customers had to say

"My great grand-father's Breguet was given to me by my father for my 21st birthday. 30 years later, post restoration by SHWR, it is in far better shape than I have ever seen it. SHWR's craftsmanship is immaculate. The firm is polite, professional and honest. Outstanding - I cannot recall another occasion when I have been so favourably impressed."


What our customers had to say

"I have just had my 1934 Rolex Oyster repaired. From start to finish I had full confidence in every one I had contact with at Steven Hale. They have been very efficient in identifying the problems at the initial examination and dealing with them as promised. There were no nasty surprises and unexpected complications along the way. Because of the age of my watch, spares are not available, and new parts have had to be made - all very expertly done. They even polished the gold case and my 86yr old watch now looks as good as new. You can certainly trust these people with your precious timepieces."


What our customers had to say

"Fantastic job repairing a family heirloom pocket watch which will now return home to Namibia.
The service was superb with detailed repair and service quote. Communication throughout was equally great leaving you with the confidence that you watch is in the best possible hands."


What our customers had to say

"I had bought a 1970s Pepsi GMT at auction and it needed some work. The lume on the hands was breaking up. Rolex UK wanted some hilarious price and threatened to replace the hands with new ones if their work failed - all at my expense of course. Steven Hale and co managed to repair the hands and maintain the original patina of the 40 plus year old watch which was of course crucial! Highly recommended."


What our customers had to say

"These are watch lovers and it shows. Their meticulous craftsmanship and expertise make them unique in London and I suspect that only in Switzerland may their equivalents be found. The experience of Steven Hale Watch Restoration begins with the talented and charming individuals who are client facing in South Molton Street and who instil a confidence that is consequently fully fulfilled. This firm represents unequalled talent in its field as well as exceptional client service. I have seldom recommended anyone with greater conviction."