Bringing classic timepieces back to life


Steven Hale watchmakers can revive and restore even the most demanding and difficult watches to ensure many years of invaluable use

Restoration is an entirely different discipline from servicing, since it is about bringing historic and classic timepieces back to life – often from a poor, damaged or derelict state. The restoration process demands an intimate awareness of techniques used in traditional horology, as well as extensive knowledge of the aesthetic and mechanical designs used throughout the history of watch-making.

Our restorers are highly trained specialists in vintage and antiquarian horology – and their understanding of the original style and appearance of many different kinds of historic watches ensures that they can accurately bring these fabulous timepieces back to their former glory.   

To keep their skills expertly honed, our watchmakers regularly attend international training courses with top international horological schools and watch houses. Specialising in vintage and complicated high-end, high-value watches, we blend traditional horological methods with state-of-the art digitised machinery and Computer-Aided Design (CAD), allowing us to re-manufacture bespoke components that most other repairers would consider impossible to reproduce.

restoration case studies

Here you’ll find some fascinating stories of some of the many restorations we undertake, bringing historic, vintage and valuable timepieces back to life and full working order.


Most watches we receive need, first and foremost, a good cleaning.


Once set you it, you don’t have to alter the date for 100 years!


Cleaning and restoring a ‘clock watch’ movement is a challenging task.


In this case study we are looking at split seconds mechanism and how it works.

What our customers had to say

"My wife brought the watch back today and It's really fantastic to see it working like new and looking like new. I really appreciate that you didn't polish the housing too much and it  has a real feel of authenticity about it with the combination of refurbished internals and original casing.  I'm really delighted with the result, it's great to have something from nearly 100 years ago to hold and describe for the next generation"


What our customers had to say

Just to say how pleased I am to have my watch back and that it is keeping perfect time for the first time since I bought it some 68 years ago.  My congratulations to the team who have given it the ability to keep working accurately for more years. Thank you all.

Brian Hugo

What our customers had to say

Watch arrived safely this morning thank you and it looks stunning just have to have it adjusted strap wise. Thank you for your wonderful service i shall certainly use you guys again and reccomend you.

Anthony Haire

What our customers had to say

I collected the watch on 11 August, as you know.  It is a pleasure to have it back in full working order and looking as good as new.  How it came to be so damaged, I do not know.  The crystal and dial are fresh and clean in striking contrast to their previous condition.  The watch was my grandfather’s silver wedding anniversary present to my grandmother.  It was with her when she and my grandfather were deported from Guernsey to Germany in 1943 and returned with her to Guernsey in 1945.  The watch will pass to my granddaughter in a few years’ time.Please pass my thanks and appreciation for his work to the watchmaker.

Peter Boon